Baidu Corporation launches dApp development service on the Xuperchain blockchain

According to information, the new service will be called Open Network, and will assist users in building and deploying their own applications without having to create a separate blockchain platform.

This effort is part of a plan to lower technology and cost barriers to attract more users to Baidu’s own blockchain network, called Xuperchain.

Baidu says it will only take 1 yuan for customers to start using the service, but there will be a separate fee for the more premium features. To simplify the dApp development process, Open Network will also offer developers prepared smart contract templates and other tools to increase efficiency.

According to information displayed on Baidu’s website, Xuperchain now has nearly 3.5 million users and has processed more than 450 million transactions. The network has seven masternodes, including one located at Tsinghua University (Beijing), to help confirm transactions.

The new service above is not the first time this Internet corporation has helped developers build their own applications. In February of last year, Baidu Cloud deployed Baidu Blockchain Engine (BBE) to assist with data storage and compute problem solving for general users.

These moves are also in line with the blockchain approach that is being encouraged by the Chinese government, which calls for how this technology can creep into every economic layer across the billion-dollar country.

According to CoinDesk

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