The world's most powerful supercomputer 'fought' against Covid-19

IBM's world's fastest supercomputer Summit has discovered 77 drug compounds in just a few days, a feat that researchers say will take months on a normal computer.

The world's most advanced and powerful technologies such as the IBM Summit supercomputer cannot stand out of the battle to survive with the new strain of Corona virus.

According to Independent, Summit has made some progress in understanding how to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, providing potential faster ways to develop an effective vaccine. The Summit supercomputer was deployed by the US Department of Energy to simulate how different variables respond to viruses.

Researchers at the University of Tennessee (USA) used enormous computing power to run 8,000 simulations of how different compounds can affect the virus's infection process. The study found 77 compounds that could be used to reduce the susceptibility of Covid-19.

Jeremy Smith, head of the University of Tennessee and lead researcher of the project, said, “Summit is essential to quickly get the simulation results we need. We only took a day or two, while it took months on a normal computer. Our results are not synonymous with finding a cure or treatment for Covid-19. However, we hope these computational findings will be useful for future research and provide a template that experimenters will use to further investigate these compounds. ”

The Summit supercomputer is about the size of two tennis courts, previously used in space science research such as landing on Mars, exploring the origin of the universe. This supercomputer is capable of performing over 200 million billion calculations per second and is often described as the "supercomputer formula" and is up to 1 million times faster than today's most powerful laptop. .

IBM said Summit will continue to be used to "deliver groundbreaking technology for the goal of improving humanity".